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The Susacor
I designed this new instrument called Susacor in order to get out a little
the ordinary and thus bring a bit of attractiveness into the world of woodwind instruments.
Similar to the alphorn, it is therefore in the key of F sharp and also has an extension which gives the possibility of playing in F.
It is part of a new range of instruments that I will be developing in the near future, always with the idea of diversifying this beautiful family of woods even more.
Happy puffs to all!

Also available
with a cover of
specially made transport
for this model.

Price upon request


Alpine horn Trombobüchel
  Undecorated alpine horn made of fir tree with mouth piece and travel case.
Price 3500 CHF

 Luxury travel case : worth 320 CHF

cor_des_alpes_fleur1_small.gif   Undecorated Trombobüchel carved from pinewood, from 2700 CHF





Alpine horn
in 4 parts
without decorations
with a mouthpiece
and travel case.
from 4000 CHF


Photo gallery

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